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September 27, 2012
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Frank Iero's tattoos.

•"Forget Me Not" with blue hand on his arm.
•"Hopeless" and a spiderweb between on his right hand.
•A stabbed human heart on his arm.
•"N.J" inside his bottom lip which stands for "New Jersey".
•"Hope" with a flame on the left side of his chest.
•"I wish I were a ghost" around his right wrist.
•"Jamia" on a heart on his right hand.
•"Jinx Removing/2.5.07" and scissors on the left side of his neck.
•"Keep the faith" and a jack-o-lantern on the back of his neck.
•A scorpion on the right side of his neck.
•"La Mia Familia. Il Mio Idolo" and a portrait of his grandfather on his left bicep.
•"Forever in my heart" and his Grandmothers Angelina and Lillian.
•"Live each day as if it were your last" on his thigh.
•A winged Virgin Mary (also speculated to be Our Lady of Sorrows) holding a heart with five swords on his entire left forearm.
•A chainsaw, "Black Flag" logo, black rose with guns + Japanese sun and little stars + bats on his left arm.
•"Romantic" and a broken heart on his left hand.
•"Search and Destroy" with two doves in between that goes all around his waist + two guns on his lower back. Click here for picture.
•"x Jamia x" on his chest.
•A bloody tooth, Frankenstein and a Pencey Prep broken heart on on his right arm.
•A cobra on his right arm with "FTW" (Fuck the World) above it and an eagle carrying a ring with the date and location and of his proposal to Jamia: "LA 5.25.06".
•"BOOKWØRM" on his fingers.
•"Halloween" on his fingers.
•A wolf on his right forearm.
•An anchor on on his right bicep with an "N" and "J" on either side (again, NJ stands for New Jersey).
•Skeleton Crew logo behind his ear.
•The Misfits logo on his left shin.
•"I Am A Graveyard" on his collarbone +… a thing, dunno.
•A finger moustache.
•"Revenge" on his left wrist.

•Meaning of "I wish I were a ghost" tattoo: it's a lyric from a Pencey Prepsong called "Death of the Lion-Hearted"
•Frank's tattoo of his grandfather with the words "la mia familia, il mio idolo" around it is spelt wrong. Family in Italian is "famiglia", not "familia".
•Frank's scorpion tattoo has four legs on one side and only three on the other.
•Frank got his scorpion tattoo as high up on his body as he could once he decided that he didn't want a real job.
•I Am A Graveyard is the name of his band between Pencey Prep and My Chemical Romance.
•Frank and James Dewees have the same matching "revenge" tattoo.
•Frank's tattoos, "Hopeless" and "Romantic" on his hands form together to make the song title by one of his favorite bands The Bouncing Souls, and the song being, "Hopeless Romantic." (- via countfrankula)
•His Frankenstein monster and grandparents tattoos were done by Kat Von D, and they were featured in her book "High Voltage Tattoo"
I know this is no art and no lituature, but (since nobody reads my journals) I think I should spreed this from my gallery.

stolen from FB-page: [link]

XO Toxic Skeleton
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I saw a picture today and he had "I'm So sorry" on one of his arms,i cant remember which arm though or the page i saw it on
LittleMePinkeyPie Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012
Omg .... He has so many tattos :heart: __ :heart:
One of the reasons i love him
ToxicSkeleton Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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