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I opened my eyes and saw a black skinned creature standing in front of me. Not the rasistic meaning of black skin. It was more like ash was covering it's body.
"You're awake, bloodsssucker. Massster'll be happy to hear that." the black creature said with a husky voice and walked off. I could see a dragon like tale and leathery wings. I tried to stand up but had to find out there were chains around my neck, wrists and ancles so I just could sit.
I looked around the room and saw that it was all white. There was something that looked like glass between me and the place the creature stood in before. It came back with a man following behind him.
He wore a white suit which made a big contrast to his ash black skin. He had bigger wings then the other one and also had a tail.
"So you're awake Cyril. Nice to meet you. Sadly you're not gonna see the next day. What a waste of beauty." Now I noticed there was a short figure standing behind the man. It was a girl who was wearing a white dress. "Misane, stop hiding behind your father. Come here and say hello to your brother."
So, this is Frankie's dream and also a Preview.
Misane is inspired by Misa (Death Note) thought I've never read it. :XD:

Hope you like it!

XO :icontplz:oxic :iconsplz:keleton
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October 12, 2012
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