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I walked on the road next to the wood with my little brother Mikey, my Zubat and his Eevee.

Suddenly Zubat and Eevee stopped and looked to the woods.

"What's wrong, Eevee? Have you heard something?" Mikey asked. Eevee ran into the woods, Zubat following close behind. Mikey and I looked at each other, then we followed our Pokémon.

A few minutes later we came to a chainlink fence. I climbed up the fence and jumped down on the other side.

"Mikey, what are you waiting for? Come over here." I said.

"I think we shouldn't go there, Gerard." he mumbled.

"God, stop acting like a frighten chick. You should finally grow up and become a man."

He sighed and climbed over the fence.

I tried to see where Eevee and Zubat were and saw them not far away, both of them starring at something on the ground. I walked over to them but suddenly I heard a snap sound and turned to Mikey. He was holding a trap on a chain in his hands.

He threw the trap into the woods and I heard another snap.

"There seem to be traps in the whole wood. We better watch the ground." He looked at a tree near him. "There's poison on the tree, most likely Toxin." He stated.

"Good to know that. Come. I'm curious what Eevee and Zubat found over there." I said and walked over to them, Mikey close behind.
Gerard's POV.

Hope you like it.

XO Toxic Skeleton
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January 16, 2013
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